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About the Farm

Eight years ago we moved to our new digs with the goal of having ducks. That first summer we explored the world of ducks. We’ve since expanded to turkeys, chickens, goats, and bees. Our farmstead features the best goat milk soap and all natural skincare products. 

What We Do

We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats for dairy character and show quality. Despite their small size, these goats are packed with personality and make excellent dairy producers. So if you're looking for a fun and rewarding hobby that involves raising some of the most charming and capable goats around, consider checking out our herd. With their show confirmation and dairy character, these goats are sure to be a hit both in the show ring and at the milk stand.


Who We Are

At Honey Down Farm, we're more than just a small family farm - we're a way of life. Our farm is home to a thriving herd of dairy goats, all of whom we treat like members of our own family. We believe in sustainable agriculture and strive to use eco-friendly practices whenever possible. When you choose Honey Down Farm, you're not just supporting a small business - you're supporting a way of life that values community, sustainability, and the joy of living close to the land. 

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